Nov 8

APMP Foundation Level Certification

Develop your career by taking APMP Foundation Level Certification

Nov 8

Solutioning Secrets

Learn the step-by-step process to develop and share winning solutions


Nov 8

APMP Practitioner Certification Quick Start Workshop

Understand how to complete the APMP Proposal Practitioner Assessment Questionnaire (PPAQ) in preparation for achieving APMP Practitioner-level certification


Nov 9

Pursuit Expo 2017

The fall expo is back and better than ever!


Pursuit Expo 2017 is approaching fast!

Register now! Get your ticket now to join us on 9 November 2017 in Hartford, Connecticut. For the first time, the APMP Liberty and Nor’easters Chapters will hold a regional conference for proposal management, capture and business development professionals.

Expo highlights include:

  • Keynote Event: Stephen Shedletzky of Start with Why ( will show you how to clarify your Why—your driving purpose, cause or belief—and leverage it for unbelievable success in all aspects of your life. Learn how to super-charge both your personal and professional life. Whether you are new to proposals or a seasoned veteran, in the business or federal sector, you will be inspired for success.

  • Exciting Presentations: Join thought leaders and proven teams as they share critical practices that lead to outstanding proposals and capture the most highly sought opportunities. Below are some of the presentations you will see at Pursuit Expo 2017:

    • Kevin A. Switaj, PhD CF.APMP, 2017 B&PC Ignite Speaker, is the Director of Proposal Development for Buchanan & Edwards, a mid-sized Government contractor based in Arlington, VA. He has developed, implemented and refined proposal processes for large, mid-sized and small businesses. He has been published in both Executive Summary and the APMP Journal. He currently serves on the APMP National Capital Area Board of Directors as co-chair of the 2017 Mid-Atlantic Conference. A proposal professional for nearly a decade, he has degrees from Rutgers College, Villanova University and Indiana University.

      An Incredibles approach to turn your reviews Inside Out: Using the Pixar Brain Trust Model for proposal color teams - The color team review – for most bid teams, there are no scarier words. Endless debriefs and unhelpful, even mean-spirited comments can quickly destroy the morale and drive of proposal contributors. However, the proposal review cycle does not need to be combative, confrontational or destructive. This presentation lays out a new model for reviews built on candor and openness. It uses filmmaking pioneer Pixar’s Brain Trust review process as a model. By treating bids as a creative, collaborative process, proposal development professionals can improve the quality of comments and their reception by the bid team. This presentation begins with an overview of the Brain Trust concept as articulated by Ed Catmull, President of Walt Disney Animation and Pixar Animation Studios. Secondly, it will discuss the main barriers from an organizational perspective and how to overcome them. Finally, this presentation provides clear actions to apply this approach at the individual bid level. This method provides bid teams a more supportive, positive operating environment and results in better comments and proposals.

    • Chris Sant, esq., 2017 B&PC Ignite Speakera former commercial litigator and federal prosecutor, has helped companies with a combined market cap of over $350 billion generate billions of dollars of new wins. An earlier webinar on similar topics was described in various feedback as “One of the best trainings I have ever attended” and “extremely informative and eye opening.”

      Breakthrough value props: how to instantly win 12% more at twice the profit margin - Without credible value propositions, you’re telling the buyer, “Go ahead and hammer us on price. We’re just a commodity – no different and no better than anyone else. Besides, even though we claim we value partnership, we can’t be bothered to actually sit down and figure out the value of our solution to our partners.”

      Yet research proves that, with solid value props, you win an average of 12% more deals, and you do it with an average of twice the profit margin. This talk shows you how to craft complete, powerful, persuasive value props that’ll make Legal, senior management and your clients all smile so hard their cheeks will hurt. You’ll learn proprietary tricks like:
      -  Surprising ways to quantify your value that increase your credibility while eliminating liability
      -  Three unexpected locations to find rock-solid evidence that generates trust in your prospect
      -  Four never-fail areas to uncover differentiators that win the deal… even if your team is just supposed to be “sales support”
      -  Five ways to break through the objections of Legal and senior management if they get weak in the knees

Networking: Looking for proposal management, capture and business development help? Seeking a new opportunity? Want to meet others who understand what you do and can share experiences? Network with area professionals and representatives to make great connections.

  • Sponsor Showcase: Explore the latest technologies, tools and services by companies that specialize in all areas of proposal management, capture, graphics and business development.

  • Education and APMP Certification: We are bringing you multiple pre-Expo workshops for your benefit on November 8th. New to the proposal industry...Attain your APMP Foundation level certification during an all day session (including both instruction and certification exam) offered by Lohfeld ConsultingReady to take the next certification step...join Betsy Blakney for a half day session to begin preparing your PPAQ for Practitioner certification! Already certified (or certifiable) then join APMP legend and solutioning guru Mike Parkinson for a half-day session dedicated to Solutioning (registration details to follow shortly).

So mark your calendars! Don’t delay and risk missing the chance to connect with leading members of the proposal management, capture and business development communities.


If you need hotel accomodations we have reserved a room block at the Hartford Marriott.  Click here to access the Marriott's customized website to reserve your room.

 For more information please contact Margaret McGuire at or Mike Walsh at

We will see in you in Hartford!

Be outstanding,



Join Mike Parkinson, APMP Fellow, seasoned Solutioning Expert and proposal professional for this outstanding half-day class the day before Pursuit Expo 2017.

It’s not easy to make a winning proposal solution. Your solution and how you explain it is often the difference between winning and losing. Attend this interactive class and learn the step-by-step process to develop and share winning solutions. See how to objectively validate if your existing proposal content will win or lose. Learn how to clearly explain your ideas and prove that your solution is the best-of-best.

Learn how to develop winning proposal solutions… fast!

  1. Step-by-step, repeatable process proven in real-world proposals for over 7 years
  2. Uses advanced behavioral psychology techniques
  3. Includes a visualization process
  4. Objectively validates solutions

The following new understanding tools and techniques are introduced:

  1. AFB Mindmap (understand the customer)
  2. ATB Matrix (understand the customer's needs)
  3. RM Matrix (understand the customer's requirements)

The cost for acquiring these Solutioning Secrets is only $199 for APMP Members and $499 for  Non-APMP member (just to let you knowif you are not currently a member of APMP, an APMP Membership is $150/ if you join APMP you can save $150 on this class and an additional $50 on Pursuit Expo 2017 admission.)